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Almost here!

Synod Assembly convenes this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.. Registration opens at 9:00 a.m..

If you are one of those folks helping someone without email (or just some difficulty with getting information), please be sure to send this and any other relevant communications with them.


We are expecting a sunny day. As of this writing, the high will be 78°F and the low 53°F. That low is expected to be in the early, early morning. It should be comfortable by the time we begin, though you might want to bring a sweater or jacket.

Yes, we plan to be in the outdoor pavilion as part of our COVID mitigation. The pavilion is spacious (15,000 sq. ft.), covered, and has fans should it become too warm.


Like last year, no meals will be served as part of the assembly, though there will be coffee service staffed by the Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU.

An extended lunch hour is on the agenda. There are plenty of dining establishments within a short drive, you can always order delivery pizza, or bring a picnic lunch. We hope to see a food truck in our parking lot, but there are never any guarantees.

Pick your menu, your atmosphere, and your price point. A (non-exhaustive and slightly out-of-date) dining guide is posted on the Synod Assembly 2022 page.

Are you a lay voting member who now knows you won't be attending. Talk to your congregation leadership or pastor about the seating of an alternate.

Reports Added

Reports from the D.E.M., WELCA, and the Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU have been added to the Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports. You can access them quickly on the web by going to the addenda section of the bulletin on the Manula platform.

It is not necessary to reprint your entire bulletin if you have already done so. If you want a print copy of a specific report, just go to that report on the Manula platform and click on the print icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Driesen Manual, Compensation, Sabbatical, etc.

Several things were referenced in the Report of the Bishop, e.g., the Driesen Manual, clergy compensation standards, the synod's sabbatical policy, and the Synodical Lay Worship Leaders Policy, with which voting members may not be familiar. Several of these items are listed in the Governing Documents, Policies, and Guidelines section of the Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports, but you might not have noticed them. They are linked as a resource for any who wish to examine them.

Text Message Alerts

You can get text message (SMS) alerts of postings related to Synod Assembly. Spam filters sometimes dump even important emails related to Synod Assembly to the spam/junk folder. SMS alerts let you know that something has been emailed. Then, if you don't see it in your inbox, you can always check you spam/junk folder, or you can visit our Synod Assembly Communications page and read it on your web browser. To sign up for SMS alerts, visit the Synod Assembly Communications page.

Parliamentary Aids

The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports includes a section with parliamentary aids. Anyone unfamiliar with Synod Assembly as a deliberative body may want to take a peek at the subsections under this heading. Even those who are familiar might find these subsections, "Germane and Nongermane Business" and "On Reports," informative.

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